Vontar V9S Software

V9-V9S NOVA TV Wheel TV User Guide for V9V9S-V1.2 (2017-8-31).pdf
NOVA TV (IPHD) Channel List-20170625.xlsx
V9-V9S IPTV function User Guide for V9V9S-V1.0.pdf
V9-V9S Operation Guide for V9V9S-V1.1.pdf
V9V9S-TP Channel List editor Tools Guide.zip
How to Recovery VONTAR V9S box via usb device which can not enter menu.zip
V9S ChannelList-Portuguese-20161205.bin
V9S ChannelList-Thailand-20161221.bin
V9V9S-TP and Channel List editor Tools and Guide.zip
V9S ChannelList-UK-20161108.bin
V9S ChannelList-Spain-20160826.bin
V9S ChannelList-Portuguese-20161122.bin
V9S ChannelList-Ireland-20161123.bin

V9S Remote Next Channel Button Not Working

If you are experiencing the issue when you try to change a channel using Up arrow key on your box remote and instead of navigating to next channel on the list it goes back to the first channel on the list.

A new firmware V16.74 will available shortly via Update by Network menu. After updating this issue will be solved. If you still experience the same problem please do a factory reset in Tools menu. But after reset you have to update the channel list and others settings as reset will delete everything from the box.

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