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OPENBOX V5S Upgrade Firmware

  • How to Upgrade Firmware

for oter please visit www.

2. Download the list to your computer first and after copy the list and paste into your USB Memory stick. Please make sure you put the file onto USB main directory don’t put into any folders or change the file name. Normally some internet browsers change the file name if you download more than once by putting the brackets and numbers in the name e.g. SKYBOX_F3S_F5S_3601HD_CMT_14041006DA.abs(1).dbs which is wrong and box will not accept the file. The file should be look like SKYBOX_F3S_F5S_3601HD_CMT_14041006DA.abs  

3. Put the USB Stick into the usb port in the back of the box. 




File Zip unzip application
File Size: 4.08 MB
Created Date: Last Updated Date:
File Name: OPENBOX V5S
Version v5s
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