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NEOSAT i5000 HD Software Auto H/W 6.704G_4M OS700C4

NEOSAT i5000 HD Software Auto H/W 6.704G_4M OS700C4

Biss Key PowerVu Conax seca

Protoco  Code 8888 , 9999

File : H/W 6.704G_4M
Model : OS700C4_sample

You Can Download This Software On Your Mobile
Find Software your mobile download softwares
Software copy on your usb and pain drive
USB/Pain Drive Enter Your Receiver USB in Port
You Can go to receiver settings and find upgraded system
Click on your software Files
Your Software Has been Start Upgrading 0% To 100%
After Software Upgrading 100% Your Receiver Restort Autometic
Add Biss Key PowerVu


File Name: NEOSAT i5000 HD
Version H/W 6.704G_4M OS700C4
Software Download
Created Date: 29-08-2019
Last Updated Date: 05-08-2019

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