DSLR Mirrorless Camera Catch Appropriate Directional Sound

On the off chance that you have put resources into a decent computerized SLR or progressively current mirrorless camera for video purposes, the inherent mouthpiece is probably going to leave you baffled. Interior receivers are regularly tinny, excessively tranquil, and offer little in the method for level alteration.

To catch appropriate directional sound, you’ll need to put resources into a shotgun mouthpiece. These are normally mounted in the hot shoe connector over your camera body and can be calculated or held off-camera to get ideal sound.


The VideoMic Pro Plus is RØDE’s leader communicated quality mirrorless or DSLR mountable mouthpiece. Fueled by the included LB-1 lithium-particle battery-powered battery or two AA batteries, the mouthpiece has a recurrence scope of 20Hz-20kHz, making it especially touchy to bring down frequencies.

It incorporates a two-arrange high pass channel to all the more likely evacuate low frequencies like traffic commotion and a high-recurrence help for improved lucidity. You can alter the addition in three phases: – 10dB, 0dB, and +20dB, with a security channel that records at a lower gain setting if there should be an occurrence of cutting.


In case you’re searching for a strong spending alternative, you can do a great deal more awful than the standard VideoMic. This is a studio-quality receiver that catches the equivalent 40Hz-20kHz recurrence run as the more costly choice above, with marginally diminished

It is controlled by a 9V battery, with a two-arrange high pass channel for decreasing low foundation commotions. Level alteration is conceivable to 0dB, – 10dB and – 20dB, and you’ll get a windshield and the Rycote Lyre stun mount in the case.


The VideoMic GO is the lightest on-camera shotgun mic in the range. Weighing just 73g, this receiver requires no battery since it draws control from the camera it is associated with. Thus, the VideoMic GO won’t work with all cameras, so ensure you check RØDE’s item portrayal to guarantee similarity before you purchase.

Like the other RØDE receivers on this rundown, the GO accompanies a windjammer and Rycote Lyre stun mount. It associates utilizing a 3.5mm smaller than usual lift and incorporates to two years guarantee when you register your item.

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