ABS 2/2A at 75.0°E Satellite Strong TP KU Band LNB

ABS 2/2A at 75.0°E Satellite Strong TP KU Band LNB

Strong TP Frequency 12524 H 30000



Symbol Rate





ABS-2 (otherwise called ST 3 or Koreasat 8  is an Indian allowed to-air advanced direct-communicated T satellite claimed and worked by the Asia Broadcast Satellite. It gives the second allowed to-air satellite TV administration in India. At first, ABS-2 satellite at 75.0° was utilized to communicate stations. ABS-2 was utilized to communicate 97 FTA MPEG-2 channels, and one MPEG-4 channel. It was the fifth satellite worked by ABS,

ABS-2 is based on SSL 1300 satellite bus  and outfitted with up to 32 C-band, 51 Ku-band and 6 Ka-band transponders.[4] Total mass at lift off was 6,330 kilograms (13,960 lb), with the size of 8.3 by 3.5 by 3.5 meters (27 ft × 11 ft × 11 ft) and 26 meters (85 ft) range when in orbit.

On 17 June 2009, ABS reported that ABS-2 will be worked by Space Systems/Loral, with a send off at first made arrangements for 2012.  Due to monetary postponements, the agreement didn’t get endorsed until 14 October 2010, deferring the send off to 2013.

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