Tottenham VS Chelsea Football Live Score 19 September 2021

Tottenham VS Chelsea Football Live Score 19 September 2021

An expanding calendar means the world’s best players are clocking more air miles than ever. Teams are routinely travelling to domestic away games by private jet to minimise time spent on coaches as they seek the most marginal of performance gains. Money-spinning pre-season tours have increased carbon footprint as much as bank balances, and that is before considering the amount of steel and concrete required to build new stadiums or fertiliser and water for pitch maintenance.

Football is not the cause of the climate emergency but as the world’s biggest sport, touching every corner of the globe, it has an obligation to play a significant role in preserving the planet’s health. Except up to now, with few exceptions, it has not been doing a good job.

That is why Tottenham Hotspur’s game against Chelsea on Sunday afternoon, framed by the hosts and Sky Sports as the first major “net zero carbon” match, must be viewed as a small step in the right direction for an industry that has been slow to realise the gravity of the crisis.

The 62,000 supporters who will descend on north London are being encouraged to use public transport or cycle and will find a selection of plant-based food available on the concourse. The players will drink from recycled cartons rather than plastic bottles having travelled in coaches powered by biofuel and the broadcaster’s staff will minimise their travel and power use.


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