Mediaguard Keys 2019

Mediaguard Keys 2019


Canal digital ID: 006A Astra(19E)
0C: E3 5A 83 30 DC 34 E3 DC
Canal+ Belgique/BeTV Wallons ID: 009B (cable) (Belgium)
0С:C9 6E 43 E9 67 CF C6 C2
CanalSat ID: 0081 Astra(19E)
0C: EB 01 3E 32 83 A6 32 E7
FTC ID: 0085 Astra(19E)
0D:51 13 B5 47 EA B9 B8 7D
Mediatech ID: 002A Amos (4W)
0C:38 D7 08 6C 3F 9B 10 D8
Numericable ID: 0084 Astra(19E)
0C: FB C0 C4 EE B9 8E 06 3F
Pro tv ID: 0086 Hotbird (13E)
0E: 04 DD 48 6E EE 8D 90 CE
RAI TV ID:0030 (02E2) Hotbird (13E)
0C:3B 18 F5 67 1A A9 CB 9D
TV Vlanderen Digital ID: 006C Astra(19E)
0C:04 52 59 91 CB CB E4 00

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