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Availink offers DVB-S and DVB-S2 standalone demodulators for satellite broadcast services and data reception. With core staff being the authors of DVB-S2 patents, the expertise co-exists with the inception of the company. To guarantee product quality, the chips have been mass-produced by world-leading IC manufacturers.

availink substances the primary relatively incorporated unmarried-chip soc for dtmb markets in china and other international locations.
key values/capabilities:

single chip:

1st soc integrated with dtmb demodulator and decoder for dtmb markets

twin country wide standards:

helping dtmb, avs/avs+, h.264, mpeg-2

price-effective device:

easy system with high integration – simplified hw design and variety of peripheral components decreased (pcb board 1/three~1/4 of a regular answer)

better board reliability:

stability stepped forward, simpler h/w consistency, easy protection and handy manufacturing

demodulator performance:

marketplace-proven and discipline-tested demodulator technology

outstanding video pleasant:

video post-processing of de-blocking, de-ringing, polishing

considerable programs:

high performance cpu devoted for user programs

sd decoder with dtmb demodulator (sddd) is a enormously incorporated multi-general back-quit decoder soc for fashionable definition digital tv set-top-container, such as a dtmb/dvb-c twin-mode demodulator for terrestrial and cable tv networks. sddd features a bendy multi-format video decoder capable of decoding widespread-definition programs in mpeg-2, h.264 and avs/avs+ formats. by means of integrating peripherals such as the uart, ir receiver, pwm output and rtc, it fulfills the requirements of maximum superior set-pinnacle-packing containers.

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